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To honor the city and urban tradition, the newest project of tourist and residential development is presented. As a haven of tranquility within the most desired city of Albania for its magnificent landscapes illuminated by snow during winter, lies the “Belvedere Korça” residential and tourist complex of villas.

Tourist complex

Between greenery and tranquility.

“Belvedere Korça” is a tourist complex designed amidst the greenery and tranquility of the park. The villas aim to create an elegant fusion between traditional and modern, offering residents comfort and a stylish lifestyle, for holidays or to live in.

Quality and contemporary standards

The materials used in the construction are of quality and contemporary standards. The philosophy of the villas is “Passive House”, which allows high energy efficiency by utilizing sunlight for lighting and heating, air currents for ventilation, and materials that enable temperature preservation. The infrastructure of the project is well thought out to promote socialization, nature walks, recreation, and entertainment.

Full view of the city

Rinia Park

The full view of the city and the surroundings offers a high investment value. Ideally positioned near the “Rinia” park, Belvedere Korça is within proximity to the city’s main points, including:

  • Boulevard “Republika”, which features a variety of bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.
  • “Skenderbeu” Stadium.
  • Two high schools
  • “Fan Noli” University.

The Korça Townhouse

The type of Korça townhouse is the one with an attic and generally does not exceed three floors. At the entrance, are columns with decorated stone sculptures and gates with decorative bells. The houses stand out for the decoration of the flower gardens and the low stone walls surrounding them. The balconies and wooden grilles on the windows are typical in houses with cobblestone streets around them.


Ideal location near "Rinia" park

High privacy,
24/7 security system

Year-round maintenance at Belvedere Korça

Villa with a view of the park, city, and Morava mountain

Investment opportunity through rental


Known for its hospitality, its picturesque surroundings, and urban atmosphere, Korça is in itself an open destination for both local and foreign tourists who wander through the city streets all year round.

Korça is known and appreciated as a city of serenades, refined gastronomy, and a unique festive atmosphere during the end of the year. Local traditions and customs coexist with the modern, making it one of the main reasons why Korça is so loved by everyone.


The authentic architecture of Korça buildings

Blended seamlessly with the modern, creating the 80 constituent villas of Belvedere Korça.


7 different types of villas

To fulfill the needs and demands of every client, and to experience the true essence of what makes the city so unique: the traditional architectural style of this area.


For those who prefer a classic lifestyle

Carved stone in decorative finishes, the entrance column, stairs, wooden grilles, and surrounding stone walls, are typical decorative elements of Korça architecture that are in a symbiotic relationship with the villas of Belvedere Korça.


Bora Villa

Dardha Villa

Vatra Villa

Serenata Villa

Voskopolis Villa

Muzaka Villa

Belvedere Villa