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When will the Belvedere Korça construction be completed?

Currently, the project is being worked on intensively to be completed within the deadline, and its completion will be in 2023.

Where is the Belvedere Korça complex located and how easily accessible is the city?

Belvedere Korça is located near the “Rinia” park and is located very close to the citys main points.

  • The Republic Boulevard, which features bars bars, restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Middle schools and 9-year-old.
  • “Fan Noli” University.
  • “Skenderbeu” Stadium.

What are the vilas surface and how are they organized?

The villas of the complex are of different typologies and are organized in 2+1/ 3+1/ 4+1. The surfaces range from 150 – 160 m2/ 200 – 250 m2 and 300 – 500 m2.

Can i benefit from a loan with low interest if i want to buy a villa in Belvedere Korça?

There are financing options without collateral with very favorable loan interest rates for the project. This is to all those who want to be part of Belvedere.

How much importance is given to green spaces?

Green spaces are one of the strongest points of the complex. All the villas have a garden and green surroundings. All around the complex is located very close to the “Rinia” park and has views of the Mount Morava.

Is there complex management and maintenance?

The complex offers management and maintenance throughout the year. High privacy, security systems, and 24/7 cameras.

What are the benefits of investing in Belvedere Korça?

Through the rental program, “Belvedere Korça ” manages your villa and takes care of it throughout the year. If you choose to have a home in this complex, the return on investment will be fast starting from 16 years. The annual return on investment is 7%, maintenance throughout the year, and 20,000 euros guaranteed income for the first two years, limited offer.